Weirside Rangers AFC

About the club

Club History

Weirside Rangers AFC is 100 years old and an FA Charter Standard Club! Established in 1919, our current season is a year full of celebrating our great achievement.

The club formerly was, for the vast majority of its life, the football section of Lensbury - the social club of the oil company Shell and we were called Lensbury FC.

Based in Teddington, its members enjoyed pitches that were like carpets and the envy of the league. Plus of course that famous plunge bath which we all loved, but was never great if you were last in; a look at it afterwards made you wonder why you ever did in the first place. In those days the famous cry of 'MORE HOT, PERCE' could be heard echoing round the changing rooms.

In our heyday, of the seventies/eighties the club ran seven sides in the Southern amateur League (SAL) and enjoyed success in both league and cup. We even had an eighth team that played friendlies. 1980 saw the club going on its first tour to Wurtzburg in Germany a tradition that has been followed to this very day. 'Father Abraham has seven sons' has been heard in such places as Lithuania, Hungary and Poland among others. It's the tour that we thank for our current name.

In 1999 for reasons that none of us really understands Shell decided that they were no longer to have any field sports as part of Lensbury and the football club were forced into independence and a subsequent name change to Weirside Rangers AFC (we played at Teddington Lock on the 'weir'). In 2008 the club moved from it's traditional home in Teddington to the salubrious surroundings of Imber Court and we stayed there until 2017 when we moved 'home' to Udney Park, back in Teddington.

From the start of the 2019 we are now back at original home on Broom Road, Teddington, utilising the St Mary’s University pitches.